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Within each of us (and all things) exists an primordial, eternal essence and when we begin to intuitively 'hear' its subtle voice we find ourselves being directed towards harmony. This essence behaves like a good mother to her child, and so we name it - The Great Mother - that maternal source from which all things flow from and back to ~

The Great Mother Lodge is a goddess temple dedicated to the great mother, teaching the inner workings of her force, how they relate to everyday life, and how to align with them for healing, health, and happiness. It is Her receptive force which controls all things. “She” is not really female but her ‘energy’ or force fits the archetype of a maiden who gently guides. It is Her force which dominates all of space.

We teach the sacred science behind being, meditation, visual art workshops, and events for the purpose of mind body balancing through natural healing to create enlightenment, peace and contentment in the individual. We touch subjects that answer the ,”What is it all about?” questions to awareness workshops that assist with “What am I feeling” (somatic body experiencing) and more.  We feel the power of self-exploration pools into an increased intuition. Intuition is the doorway to absolute truth which brings healing with deep knowledge and lasting inner peace.



The Teachings:

There are no requirements to learn the teachings in order. Do as you feel inclined.



Level one – introducing the mind

Coming from the place that all is mind. How the mind can heal.

The metallic oaths system.



Level two – as above so below, the Sacred Science of You

This is an introduction to the zodiac code.

A linear approach to ‘seeing’ a cosmic pattern and how it is alive and at work in the human body. This pattern is known to us through archetypes which describe the body mind.

How knowing this pattern can rejuvenate the being and bring the body mind into greater alignment with self.



Level three – building body awareness (intuition)

Connecting to the abstract nature of the soma through the arts

    • Dancing through the elements to strengthen our intuitive connection to self
    • Transforming the elemental nature of your being through life-size self-portraiture
    • Mask making and tribal body painting for group personal graduation ceremony

Level four – GoldRing meditation

This is a deep form of transcendental meditation built for the Kundalini experience





During this webinar we  reach out to the worlds of planets and stars and find similarities with the discovery that their vibrations exist within our own galactic bodies. As we align to their natural rhythms we create a harmony that brings good health. Good health is our natural birthright and by aligning the our natural natural rhythms we have the power to eradicate illness and build the immune system. 

In 2010, through meditation, this ancient system of balancing was rediscovered. It is a method specifically made to attune the body’s vibration into cosmic alignment resulting in healthy vibrations which eventually enlighten the being.  I call this system “The Code” because it uses a template that relates to each major part of our physical (and mental) being that is a pattern which repeats itself everywhere. The template helps us understand of the type of vibration associated with various parts of the body, and how to mimic them to influence health and wellness.

Understanding this pattern is the gateway to rehabilitation, good health and self-empowerment in aligning the mind back to its natural, harmonic state of being within the body….CLICK HERE FOR WEBINAR

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Physical location: The Great Mother Lodge, Corso Garibaldi 78, Castrovillari (CS), 8702 Italy

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