& the power behind health


In this 2-hour webinar you will discover:

How your body is a sacred temple of mental alignments that create unity between its parts to result in a vibrational system harnessed by love that naturally produces good health

Why you want to naturally bring your vibrational mind and body into a state of balance and why this is important

How this algorithm can be defined by specific archetypes which refer to the natural vibrations made by your organs and why knowing these archetypes can change your health experience to be more positive

How the ancient art of balancing the mind body through thoughts, deeds, and words can result in building resistance (immunity), and good health and how using the circle of archetypes can balance and strengthen this internal current.

How your body directly relates to the structure of the earth, earth’s precessional cycle, the planets, the galaxy and why knowing this is important

How the deepest vibration in your body and the cosmos, is compassionate love and how producing it can not only build strong resistance in your mind body, but also heal the body and provide life direction like a GPS

How these alignments, composed of different vibrations or notes, form an algorithm (or song) that speaks to the universe in a language that affects your health, and prosperity in life

How the Goddess essence is at the root of your heart and how she is tying your soul to her in a loving, eternal embrace

How the Sacred Science of being is all about you and your values (life choices) and how to empower yourself by understanding the template


The Sacred Science brings forward the most powerful and non-invasive system of vibrational healing today as an ancient code is revealed as the very source that flow within each and every one of us bringing life and connectivity to all. This code is the wellspring to health, immunity and vitality through a light that is powered by love.

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At the Great Mother Lodge we reach out to the worlds of planets and stars and reveal that their vibrations exist within our own bodies. As we align to their natural rhythms we create a harmony that brings good health and thus eradicates illness. Good health is our natural birthright and we have the power to eradicate illness and build our immune system naturally through specific mind body work.

In deep Samedhi meditation this ancient system of balancing was revealed to Kel Rae (mystic). It is a method to attune the body’s vibration into cosmic alignment resulting in healthy vibrations which heal and ‘lighten’ the being. It uses a template that relates to each major part of our physical body (and mental) well being – a pattern which repeats itself everywhere in the universe. This pattern has been transcribed to specific types of vibration that vibrate in unison with various parts of the body and mimicking them can induce health and wellness.

This pattern is the gateway to rehabilitation, good health and self-empowerment in aligning the mind body back to its natural, harmonic state of being.


Kel Rae was a mystic, and truth seeker whose deep experiences in meditation resulted in the Kundalini. During this experience she she moved over the bridge and connected with the creator of the system, and the creatrix that allowed it, and witnessed every lifetime from the great, dark void into mineral, insect and to human life. While her body burned in a great fire a dove encircled her head to form a golden halo, and she entered a kingdom of light to meet the creator gods. There was a great transference of cosmic information downloaded during this time and later she was summoned by the great divine mother whose deep love controls the universe. 

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