The Essence of a Great Mother

The Spirit of the Great Mother, known also as The Goddess (in a variety of ancient religions), metaphorically represents the mysterious and loving life-providing source from which we pour forth from that exists within and around all things. Early cultures metaphorically recognized this source as a Great Mother due to its ability to perpetuate existence along with its emotional traits of compassion, beauty, sharing and service which manifests in various ways within all that is.

Her ’essence’ creates harmony as it renews nature, alleviates death through rebirth and pilot’s individual direction by moving all inwardly through feeling towards a joyous expression of life. The Goddess essence encourages all things to be its authentic self.

It is her receptive force that is within the center well of all things such as the core of an atom. And it is the energies of life – archetypally known as the zodiac – which flow around her receptive core and give life to her ‘being’. She is the guiding force behind the motivation of all things. Although it is genderless., we refer to this receptive force archetypally as a Great Mother.


The energetic play between her  receptive force which attracts, and the active force which moves (revealed through the archetypes), is at the inner and outer workings within all things – in the everyday world that we know and in the night skies – but most importantly to us it is also operating within the human genome. Understanding the greater concept of this alliance can help us get to know the inner concepts behind our hidden inner worlds and be used to access greater health and wellbeing through rebalancing the individual to it’s natural state. The Goddess force is everywhere…

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