A Sacred Science to Mind Body Resilience

A sacred code or patterning

Your Meridians and the Code

History and Overview of Mind Body Healing & A Code

The Code: Affirmations & Visualizations! (ie: strengthening the lungs)

Healing Activities using The Code

Acupressure with the Code

Using Elements and Modes from the Code

Your Emotional Connections and the Code

Human Body and the Earth Body

Your Body and Earth's Precession

The Human body reflects the Galactic body

The Human Tree and the Codex

The Power of Your Center

As Above so it is Below (unity with the cosmic tree)

A Universal Mother, and the Tree of Life

The Divine Essence within Your Core

The Goddess as Center-point

Receptive Power is The Goddess Force

The Way of the Cross (building immunity/ resilience)

Meditation: Enlightenment in 3-Easy Steps

Meditation and the kundalini a brief description

Meditation and the kundalini FULL EXPLANATION

Metaphors and Archetypes to Describe the Divine

The Great Divine Spirit

The Goddess Force: Receptive power

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